Polly Brooks
«States of Mind» en partenariat avec Open art week

Septembre 2018
La Boîte I Un lieu d’art contemporain

« I’m originally from London but now live in Umbria, Italy, where I have my studio and where I exhibit. My work generates from a life long process of drawing, object making and reflection; it is an exploration of inner spaces, states and « events » but also a processing of life and the world around me through the filter of a personal poetic which generates a varied « family » of works both on paper, canvas and 3d. »

« This is a body of work that has grown up over time and is comprised of several groups or series of drawings, paintings and objects. These can be arranged into smaller groups according to date and type or rearranged and re-mixed to create interplay and correspondance.

The individual objects and structures can be made of newspaper pulp or wire worked through with thread. Sometimes the thread or wire is painted, in pastel colors, in bright orange, sometimes black with some subtle variation of tone, sometimes restorers’ paper is applied or occasionally resin. Some of the works are very small, light and delicate but I aim to create pieces that possess a certain psychic energy which thereby charges the surrounding space. »

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